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sometimes some stores want feedback from customers that is useful for reviewing the store's operations.
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Usually, some customers do not want a printed invoice, if so the invoice can be sent via email. When sending an invoice via email, we can also ask for customer feedback on our store.

This article will explain step by step how to send transaction receipts from an outlet by email to your customer and get your customer database. With this feature, you can analyze who came and buy a product in your shop frequently.

From here you can see direct feedback from customers in real-time because when your customer receives a receipt by email, they can immediately give feedback to you.

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Make Transaction

Make Sales Transaction

Notes :

Input customer who has an email to send the receipt.

Step 2. Process Payment to Complete Transaction

Process Payment to Complete Transaction

Step 3. Send Invoice to Customer Email

After the transaction is done fill the email field then send the receipt.

Send Invoice to Customer Email

Step 4. Invoice was Sent to Email

Invoice was Sent to Email

Step 4. Check Inbox Mail (for Customer), then Select Rate Experience

Rate Experience

Step 5. Fill Shopping Experience and Comments, then Click Submit

Fill Shopping Experience and Comments
Feedback was Submitted

Step 6. View Customer Comment in Contact (Comment Tab)

You can see the comment list in contacts, comment list.

View Customer Comment

[Tutorial Video] Customers Feedback

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