DealPOS Tools App is a new application page that contains collection of tools that can be used to help resolve issues in POS. Outlet Price is a feature that you can use to differentiate the product price from each outlet.

Sometimes as a business owner, you might like to differentiate the product buying cost and/or selling price from each outlet because of many factors. For example, the furthest outlet location from the warehouse will need more cost than the nearest outlet from the warehouse, and it will also affect the selling price of the products.

Besides being able to differentiate and create outlet prices, users can also Increase Outlet Price By Category. In the following article, will be explained the steps to Increase Outlet Price By Category using tools Outlet Price Increase :

Check Variant Outlet Price

Example : I have a product that uses outlet price, namely a cap that is in the accessories category

Step 1. Go to DealPOS Tools App

For now, the tools page is separate from the POS page, you can access the tools page at the following link : DealPOS Tools

Step 2. Go to Outlet Price Menu, then Click Increased Tab

Login Tools and Open Outlet Price Menu

Step 3. Select Outlet, Category, and Amount or By Percentage, Click Process

Increase Outlet Price by Category

Step 4. Increasing Outlet Price by Category Successful

Outlet Price was Increased Successfully

Step 5. Recheck the Changes on DealPOS

Recheck the Changes on DealPOS

Video Tutorial Youtube Increasing Outlet Price by Category

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