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Payment Status Explanation
Payment Status Explanation

Description of Payment Status in orders menu

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When making a Transaction from the Sell/Buy menu, there are some processes or steps for payment status. Usually, it would be difficult to understand what each status means. This article describes each status payment for Customer/Supplier invoices.

Some Status Payment

There are 6 status payments when you choose the filter, we will explain to you:

  • Unpaid

Unpaid Invoice

If you have a transaction using "Later Payment" the status will be "Unpaid" because the customer hasn't finished the payment.

  • Partial

partial Invoice

Partial status happens when the customer pays with not exact total.

โ€‹Example: the exact amount is 400.000 but they pay you 300.000 so the status will be "Partial", which means they still owe 100.000 to you.

  • Paid

paid invoice

If the customer pays the transaction with the full amount, the payment status will be "Paid" so they don't have any debt.

  • Bulk

bulk invoice

Status "Bulk" means the customer has been paying all the debt on their transaction before at one time.

  • Exceed

exceed invoice
exceed invoice

Exceed status is when you put in an excessive amount of money.

Example: real amount Rp. 308,000 but you put an extra amount of Rp. 42,000

  • Write Off

write off invoice
write off invoice
write off invoice

When you want to Write Off you need to note the reason for your Write of Payment, so it will help you to know the reasons. Also, you can check your payment report in the Payment menu, and choose Write Off.

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