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Display Coupon in Customer Invoice Printing
Display Coupon in Customer Invoice Printing

We can display the voucher code on the invoice used by the customer

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If, for example, there is a scenario where the customer uses the voucher code provided by the previous store, then the customer or owner wants to be shown the voucher code used, then you can activate the config in the following settings

Table of Content:

I. Active Config Display Coupon

Step 1. Open Setup Menu

Setup Menu on DealPOS

#Click Setup > More Menu > Module

Step 2. Open Setup Menu

Printing Configuration

Choose Printer and then Customer Invoice, then you can scroll down and look for the "Promotion Coupon Visible" config

Promotion Coupon Visible Config

Then you can change to "Show"

II. Selling with Coupon

Step 1. Open Sell Menu

On the sell menu, you can enter the coupon that the customer wants to use, whichever is the coupon button. Then you can enter the coupon code in the coupon column

Sell Menu on DealPOS

Step 2. Open Sell Menu

After entering the coupon code, the sell column will immediately generate the coupon into a discount. Then the next step you can make a payment

Coupon Applied

After making a payment, the receipt will be printed and the receipt will display the coupon code that has been used

Receipt Invoice DealPOS

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