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Prevent Mismatch Orders and Stock in Omni App
Prevent Mismatch Orders and Stock in Omni App

To keep omni channel orders and product stock synchronized with DealPOS

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Omnichannel Integration is one of the features that DealPOS has, so that when there is a sale transaction on the Marketplace, it can be recorded into the POS and automatically generate sales reports, and can also record stock reductions from sales in the marketplace. Of course, the integration of this marketplace will make it easier to record sales reports, especially if the marketplace used to sell is more than 1 channel.

Synchronize Feature

Based on the picture above, DealPOS has indeed provided a feature to automatically synchronize orders and product stock where orders from channels will be retrieved automatically to DealPOS, and product stocks between channels and DealPOS will be synchronized automatically. To activate the synchronize feature, users can access the channel menu in DealPOS Omni, choose the channel then click the configure button.

Configure Channel

Table of Content :

I. Mismatch Cause

However, there are several conditions that cause the synchronization of orders and stocks didn't work, causing the following problems :

  • Missing Orders

    Orders made on channels are not placed on DealPOS.

  • Wrong Status Orders

    Different order statuses between channels and DealPOS. For example, on the channel the status of the order is complete, but on DealPOS it is still "Unpaid" or "Unsent"

  • Unsynchronized Product Stock

    Out-of-sync stock between DealPOS and Channel.

The problem is caused by the server channel at that time was busy (when the order was placed), or there was a big event on the channel (11.11, 12.12, etc.). During a major event, it is certain that one or several of the above problems will occur.

II. Mismatch Solution

So, we highly recommend users take the following two steps in order to prevent a mismatch in orders and product stock between DealPOS and Channels once a day on a normal day, or twice / thrice a day on a big event period :

  1. Download Orders

    It will fix Missing Orders and Wrong Status Orders. Read the article in the following link to get details about downloading channel orders : Download Orders Manually. Users can also check this article to find out the problems that usually occur and how to fix them when downloading channel orders : Common Errors in Downloading Marketplace Orders.

  2. Update Inventory

    It will fix Unsynchronized Product Stock. Read the article in the following link to get details about updating product inventory : Sync Inventory Manually.

Notes :

The conclusion is users have to do the two steps above at least once a day. Before carrying out the two steps above, we also recommend scanning the channel first, so that the data processing process is more accurate.

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